What is PAT's Shop Local Mission?

In short, a Patriot Backed Mission. Our Goal is to shift consumer spend off Big B and Big T. 

Pat’s Shop Local Mission

As a former 1% 3rd party Seller on The World’s Largest Marketplace. I learned a thing or two on how this Marketplace and other Marketplaces like it use a Loss Leader strategy to take out the small and medium size business with help from 3 letter agencies, ccp backed 3rd party sellers, the MSM and Big T corruption.

With the number of orders my company has processed over the last 5 years we have gathered a tremendous amount of Data. We have created relationships with Local Manufacturers and other non-traditional style business to help give Hard working Americans a Resource to help them shift their hard-earned money to small and medium sized business. The Backbone of America has always been driven by small business.

We have Partnered with David Nino Rodriguez and his team along with countless others to bring a Solution directly to those who are serious about taking back the control we have lost to Big B and Big T corporations. This will be an ongoing Project where we will be sharing Videos and working one on one on how to shift your spend to small and local business. 

If you are serious about taking action and want to know how you can help.

If you answer Yes to the following Questions, you may be a good fit to help, take back our country.

  • Do you Shop online?
  • Do you shop at Local Business?
  • Do you shop on a Marketplace like Amz, WM, Costco, Etc?
  • Do you want to help Save America?
  • Are you Open Minded to shopping somewhere else?
  • Do you buy the same products monthly or bimonthly?
  • Are you okay with being Paid to Learn for discounts off items you already buy?
  • Are you ready to make a difference Today? Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, Next Year?

Click the Book a Session below. Click on the Shop Local or Shop Pats Local Mission. Fill in your information, you will then be prompted to pick a date and time. You will receive an email confirmation confirming your appointment. Either myself or one of my teammates will hop on either a Zoom call or a google meet call to walk you through the process on what it takes to shift your spend and help Save America. Please make sure you are prompt and courteous as we have a tremendous number of Patriots we need to talk with. If you must Cancel, please cancel 24 hours before our call. The call should last no longer than 30 minutes. The length will be determined on the number of questions you have regarding switching your spend.